{ module 1 inside } All you ever wanted to know about Solitary women with a great lives and the men who love them

Yes, yes!
It’s ready.
The first part of our training is done.
I got severely delayed because of a cold and  didn’t make a video for two weeks. But now I m back.

module 1
All you ever wanted to know about
Solitary women with a great lives and the men who love them

This is honestly ALL the information you’ll ever need on this subject. SURE. We will talk a lot more about this little known sexual preference, that fits independent, fun loving women (but also serious mistress women!) like a glove. As well as give some pointers to the men who love them.
But the basics (and more) are all in module 1.

episode 1 Solitary women with Great Sex Lives:
Introducing The White Tigress and The Good Mistress 

episode 2 Perfectionism versus great sex
+ potential White Tigresses undervaluing themselves 

episode 3 The two sides of (non-)monogamy and ask for what you want

episode 4 Get energized by dating, and even more if he’s a cheater.
Includes sex worker trick. 

episode 5 A super positive history of dating cheaters and taking action to lose my virginity

episode 6 Dating dangerous men, risk free

episode 7 Our lover/mistress relationship may suffer from this series. Still going to do it. 

episode 8 I ended my relationship to date men. Plural. + Got addicted to one

episode 9 Dating? Weight loss? Career? Do it for the NOW, not a future outcome. 

episode 10 Phobias and fears around sex? YOU gotta do the work

episode 11 Want to read my real diaries? I almost chickened out!

episode 12 test if being a mistress or (having a) lover would make you happy

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An Unexamined Life is Not Worth Living

My name is LS Harteveld, I write erotica and diaries.
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