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update April 15, 2018;
MODULE 1 of Solitary Women with Great Sex Lives (and the men who love them) is dropping within hours BOTH in my daily blog as well as in this White Tigress blog (updates per module, to keep it manageable)
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Thank you for your support, inquiries and curiosity for the work of the White Tigress. I hope this blog will spark a renewed interest in the work of Hsi Lai who wrote the book White Tigress.
But I ve also decided to share what I know with you;
The truth about solitary women with great sex lives.
This is knowledge that I have gathered since 2006, when I left my relationship to go out into the world, meet new men, and develop my sexuality. Aside from the very first book I bought, which was the White Tigress book from Hsi Lai, I found surprisingly few useful resources for solitary women who want to have great sex lives.
All existing teachings seem to be based on either one of these two principles;

misguiding principle #1: dating as a stepping stone for more

There is nothing inherently wrong with seeing dating as the first stone of a “real” relationship. But current emphasis (or better yet: monomaniacal focus) on that singular path, the one to a relationship, leaves no room to actually develop dating, and the sex in alternative relationship forms for women who are solitary.
For women who dream of being or meeting The One, dating will never be possible without the feeling of slight disappointment or lack, for example because he’s not choosing for you.
That cannot be helped.
But there are a lot of women who deep down know, that they’ll never get the same benefits from teaming up one-on-one.
Know, that there is more potential in their single sex lives than unsatisfactory one time encounters.
And who deserve to have their lifestyle and preferences acknowledged, just as much as any other. Who deserve to have their own tribe, and name, and way they see themselves.
Without constantly having to adjust all the information out there, clearly aimed at “other” women. With other likes and dislikes and dreams for themselves. Solitary women deserve to discover and develop their own unique path that will bring them the same happiness, others find in weddings and relationship anniversaries.

misguiding principle #2: good sex is something physical 

I ll give it to you, straight up:
There is absolutely nothing between your legs that has not first passed your brain.
I m a yoga teacher so I guess I am “supposed” to advocate the idea that instead of getting all up in your head trying to figure shit out, we should take the easy route and just dive into the physical side of things.
In vaginas that are “harnessed” instead of soft and juicy.
In tensed muscles.
Yoni eggs.
(Honestly! Does anyone not get an immediate yeast infection from those?!)
Vaginal massage.
Spiritual one-on-one sex where you just sway back and forth like Sting and Tracey in eternal bliss.
Just like the whole “partner-for-life obsession”, this physical approach to sex is nothing more than a preference. Shared by some people, but not all.
And if you indeed are more of a cerebral person, you will much rather solve, improve, and MASTER everything you ever wanted or needed to know about sex in your head. In all cases; before you make it physical.
That is why I have called my Dutch lifestyle guide about the White Tigress exactly that: a lifestyle guide.
Good sex being single, or solitary as I like to call it, is a mental thing. You need to feel good, comfortable in your own skin and owning that you roam as freely, and as sexually active or inactive as you please.
You need to have a clear view of how you want your dates, your sexual encounters with men, you LIFE to look like,
Before anybody takes off anything.
Or inserts anything.
For so many women just getting their head around it – an idea, a concept, a way they see themselves – is the starting point, and often the only point, that they need to figure out.
And then the rest just opens up and flows as freely and juicy as we want it to.
And even if it doesn’t?
It’s okay because we have our heads straight 😉
In my single years I have been able to have sex with a variety of men. And often I wasn’t really in love, or wildly attracted. But the reason we could have a good time was that both him, and me, would have our own ways to work around that.
And mine was mentally.
I would focus on the things I liked about him, and often just lay some kind of fantasy scenario (with him) over what was actually happening.
A dirty mind, imagination, dialing up the pressure by being comfortable with your deepest desires and pleasures.
That’s the failure proof path to good sex.
Not staring endlessly between your thighs.

Still there? Ready for the good news?

I felt a little unsure about opening with those two biggies on, basically, Why This Won’t Be Your Average Program.
But it’s because I myself have lost so much energy, time and money, on reading, consulting, buying stuff that in the end didn’t help me. And frustrated me TO THE MAX.
But it was me.
My fault.
Because I was constantly walking into Mexican restaurants expecting to be able to order Chinese. Of course that wasn’t an option.
After buying the Hsi Lai book, right at the start of my single career, I didn’t buy anything else of value after. And I didn’t learn anything from anybody else, after. And it wasn’t until recently when I realized that so many women were wasting their lives looking for answers, in places where those answers are not for sale.
We were all ordering Chinese in Mexican restaurants.
On repeat.

My new program is free, it’s daily, and it will give you exactly what you want

Receive my new program
Hell YES!
Solitary women with great sex lives.
And the men who love them.

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We have 365, minus the first 7 episodes which are already online, to go for this new training, and I look forward to each and every one of them. It’s so exciting to finally, after all those years of not finding what I was looking for, be able to turn it around and offer what I wish someone had told me.
In 2006.
That you can become a solitary woman, with a great sex life.
And that there are SO many men, who will totally support you and love you to bits for that.

An Unexamined Life is Not Worth Living


Are you Dutch? My new FREE guide De Witte Tijgerin is online now.

You can find the content of the old blog, The 100 Day Tutelage of Hsi Lai, as part of my book Big;
Part 4 and 5: The 100 Day Tutelage of Hsi Lai and More Erotica
And although I did some vigorous editing, often feeling like I was cutting it in half, I’m incredibly proud of the result.

My name is LS Harteveld, I write erotica and diaries.
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