Dear solitary women and the men who love them

I have a problem and could use your help.
Over the years I ve made several attempts to speak about women’s sexuality, both inspired by the concept introduced by Hsi Lai as a White Tigress- which I minimized to
solitary women who have multiple partners and use sex to get energized.
As well as writing about my position as/ the role model of the Mistress.
Which I defined as:
Solitairy women who want an exciting relationship.
But it’s not working.
The White Mistress work is not working because I already wrote a little guide about it in Dutch, and feel obligated to simply translate that, to instruct female seekers on how to live a single life on their terms.
Excepts it’s been over a year and I haven’t translated a thing.
And the White Tigress yoga work is not “working” because I wrote this yoga book online, and then completely lost interest in bringing it to print.
To finalize this ongoing saga of failure, I started my Dutch guide about Mistresshood, and then lost interest after one episode.
I m afraid that as far as I even have it within me to write how-to books, I fail because I m struggling between two languages AND two sexes. I have more male followers than female ones, so clearly my contribution is not in the field of teaching women anything.
Which is fine but then last weekend I got a comment from a man who complimented me on the Dutch guide “White Tigress” and said:
“That is such a powerful book.”
I know.
It’s exactly the message I would have liked to have gotten, when I was younger.
But I seem completely stuck between on one hand:
Wanting to do GOOD, and be completely honest that what I teach is only vaguely based on Hsi Lai’s work. I don’t teach deep spiritual work, or body work. I just teach how to have sex as a solitary woman without
a. losing yourself in all the messy dynamics that surround it. My White Tigress work.
b. denying your heart what it craves and stay true to your feelings to a man, even when he’s married. And how to let him be the best thing that ever happened to you.
And on the other hand what I actually DO, is writing diary posts. Or columns, at best. I like to start every diary entry, or every column, all over again every time. Without looking back.
So that would be something I could do.
Start/ reboot this blog essentially telling the “same” story over and over again. Of how solitary women can have good sex.
Big BUT.
I m increasingly uncomfortable calling that White Tigress.
I know it’s how people find what I do, because they Google White Tigress. But I feel it’s not really what I do.
I feel I need a new name for Solitary Women, and step away from the name White Tigress, and just “rebrand” the whole thing to a path for solitary women.
And the men who love them.
I feel that everything that I KNOW? And that’s not in Hsi Lai’s book? Can be perfectly written about, in column style, under a new, broader umbrella name.
“Sex, solitary women and the men who love them”
I feel that could be a good title.
How does all this make you feel?
Man or woman.
And if you could ask me to explain or hack one thing, or maybe two, what would it be? What would you like to know about my lifestyle, or what do you think could help other women?
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