Chapter 5. Showdown at the house of LS Harteveld

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Background info: This blog is based on the book The Sexual Teachings of the White Tigress by Hsi Lai.

No one will be picture perfect, I guess.
And when it comes to improving your life using an obscure method, with only one hardly known book ever written on the subject, this is even more so. I had to make peace with uninformed choices, and carving out my own path, right from the start.
Having said that, Hsi Lai’s book is very clear there are two things a White Tigress must never do, if she wants to increase her longevity and her mental powers.
1.  to have full, uncontrolled vaginal intercourse
2. to dwell on romantic feelings
Oh bummer. My two favorite things.

Even now when my body is failing, and I ve re-committed to a sugar low, alcohol low diet, I still can’t make myself implement the two most basic changes to my lifestyle:
to get more lovers (since mine is hardly available)
and have oral sex with them.
Playful teenage-like sex, with a man coming in your face and on your cleavage, that’s what totally boosts a White Tigress immunity and strength.
The book has tons of chapters on how to do this precisely, but since I hardly get any practice, I must say I haven’t studied them in depth.
I did notice the last time we were together that the myth was true: having a man come in your face gives you significantly more energy than if he doesn’t.
But in my opinion ANY male attention will benefit you as a woman.

Yin and Yang

The theory is very simple: a man is yang, and he loses energy through ejaculation. He needs to supplement his yang with a woman’s yin, that he can absorb from intercourse with a woman.
A woman is yin, and loses energy through menstruation. She needs to supplement her yin with a man’s yang, that she can absorb from oral sex with a man.

I fully acknowledge sex as the most powerful tool to gain this energy, although I wouldn’t be surprised if it only works if I m in love. Yet, I do think things can stay far more platonic. If I analyse all those times in my life where I felt miserable, and merely going on a date was giving me such a boost! Although I haven’t met any new men since I m with my lover, I still have three masculine friends who I see on an infrequent basis. I¬†always end up invigorated. And I m pretty sure that goes the other way around as well: that they too feel elevated by my company.
When it comes to supplementing my energy, I’m considering more of¬†that. For more men in my life who I can hang out with.¬†Because from experience, I know one thing for sure:¬†my body was born monogamous. And if not my body, then at least my romantic heart.

As much as I endorse the idea of taking better care of myself, getting more yang onto my tongue, face, and rest of my naked body; setting up encounters for the single purpose of having oral sex, is a disastrous idea. First of all, it would leave me upset (because I m in love with my lover). Secondly, I would probably beg to be fucked hard and deep, and end up with far less Qi than I started with.

No. If I see room for another man in my life, it wouldn’t be physical.
It would be completely romantic.

Plan B

I m currently gearing up to publish my books once and for all. Which is one of the reasons I m no longer committed to writing here every week; I intend to spend every hour I can spare on my books.

The other reason is that I feel I ve hit my White Tigress plateau:
After a few weeks of not doing any yoga at home, my heavy menstruation and a breast infection have made me commit to my daily White Tigress yoga. To straighten this hormonal mess out.
And a few days back I got such a violent toothache, after starting to eat more and more sugar. I got on my Fabulous Tooth Diet again. The pain disappeared almost entirely within a day.
I will include info on this diet as well as the White Tigress yoga practice in the Appendix at the bottom of this post.

So my diet and White Tigress yoga routine are in place!

But with my¬†reluctance to explore sex with other men, barely seeing my lover, and since I still love intercourse and am a hopeless romantic, I’m not making any progress in my White Tigress tutelage.¬†I ve probably reached the stage Hsi Lai would give me a hard spanking.
Which is by the way totally ligit in The White Tigress, and I would be “open” to getting punished more!¬†But okay, if that comes from someone other than my lover, I would end up being fucked by third parties so that aint gonna work either.
Before I shame the White Tigress title any further, I will bail out.

I will stick to my diet and the daily White Tigress yoga, and set out to publish my 8 books. Because that’s another reason I m not so much interested in longevity and health: I feel I don’t need that much time.
I know my purpose: it’s to get those books out. Maybe write one more, that would be a bonus. The books are already written and once I find the Magic Formula committing, I can have them published within two months.
And after that, it really doesn’t matter that much anymore, how long I live.

I keep a White Tigress journal, where I write down each day which hours I worked, slept, or had sex. Or other relevant things to this journey. The final weeks I can see a shift to becoming a stronger entrepreneur, working through some old pesky mindset problems. Thanks to the White Tigress principle, of involving your mind and your identity, in your practice, I now take care of my mental health and self-image with the same vigor I use to keep my house in order: daily, and consistently.
Since this White Tigress blog I ve really felt that I ve grown into a new woman, and outgrown the old.

On the second day of the White Tigress journey I scribbled something at the top of the page:
Dreamed about B.
There is a cloud drawn around it.

Maybe that is the only thing I still owe you, the only thing I could possibly add.

That I tell you the truth about Benjamin.



These are my two new extended yoga¬†pdf’s:
White Tigress XL part 1
White Tigress XL part 2

The Fabulous Teeth diet can be found by Googling the work of Ramiel Nagel. What I ve “implemented” (it’s definitely the light version!) is cutting sugar and taking cheap over the counter supplements:
codliver oil capsules with vitamin D
vitamin D
vitamin C
A women’s tablet for hair, nails and bones
& I eat salmon 5 times a week, eggs every day, cheese, fullcream yoghurt, ghee (see bottom chapter 1 how to make that)
I go easy on grains and bread and make a pot of chicken broth and drink a cup daily.
recipi chicken broth
500 grams of chicken thighs at bottom of a big pot
1 big carrot chopped up
1 onion chopped up
2 table spoons of vinagar
step 1: cover it all with water and add some salt
step 2: warm it at a superlow fire, or leave it for an hour before heating it
step 3: cook it whenever you’re home, total of about 8 hours or more.
step 4: through a sieve, pour broth into jars
step 5: dissect chicken meat from the bones, for consumption.
I don’t eat the¬†bones, skins, onion or carrot.


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