Chapter 1. The Origin of Hsi Lai

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Background info: This blog is based on the book The Sexual Teachings of the White Tigress by Hsi Lai.

The first question I got was if Hsi Lai was a man. Because if the one who had convinced women they would acquire immortality, enlightenment and eternal youth by giving blowjobs to a large number of men, was of the gender directly benefiting from it, my whole story had just lost its credibility. As far as it, or I, had any to begin with of course. My answer was yes. Yes, he’s a man. Yes, he might have made it up. But then it’s still like believing in Santa Claus: not something you’re gonna regret.

Either way, I do think there are easier ways of getting blowjobs then to make up a whole book about a Taoistic crossover between a brothel and a monastery owned by Madame Lin, where women learn to contain their energy (read: menstruation) by committing to a strikt diet and life style rules; and learn to find pleasure in innocent, playful lovemaking with men selected for their virility, strength and sperm.
I, for example, have never given a blowjob to someone who either wrote a book (and this includes novels written by perfectly good male specimen), nor to someone who was especially trained or particularly knowledgeable on sex. Experienced? Yes. But they learned like we all do: through trial and error. They got their skill from paying attention to what their lovers liked. Not because they spent years wandering between Chinese courtisanes hoping to one day be the lucky one and deflower a young girl named Little Lotus. Yes, it’s all in the book.
But like I said: I can’t believe I would give blowjobs for that.

There is a fair chance Hsi Lai was a genuine spiritual seeker, who went on to become a Jade Dragon of his own, the sexual mate of the White Tigress. The White Tigress depends on her Green dragons, to whom she gives oral sex. The Jade Dragon can be her mate for advanced sexual practices, for her “heavy duty” sexual work – when I use quotation marks that means sarcasm is on the way – such as for penetration in her vagina with just the tip of his penis, she will need a Jade Dragon.

Any man convincing women to allow only for penetration with the tip of the penis, is not making it an easy ride for either one of the genders. And he’s not prescribing practices to benefit from them. Contrary to the most famous Taoist healing author, Mantak Chia.

Right hand and left hand

In Indian Tantra there are two paths: the forbidden left hand, and the okay right hand. The right hand is basically a Christian, Victorian, Brahmin version of something that once included naked dancing demi-Goddesses having sex with very, very lucky men.
Modern day right hand Tantra can be recognized by two characteristics. 1. It is named in one breath with a totally unrelated book called the Kama Sutra, and 2. it is practiced by, and promoted for, couples.

Tantra of the left hand, can be recognized not so much by naked dancing demi-Goddesses (although the practitioners wouldn’t have trouble appreciating them if they showed up) but that it includes worshiping the female divine force as Ma Kali or Ma Tara or simply Ma. She is not seldom depicted with a chain of chopped off white heads around her neck, which could explain why she was never very popular among the British colonists. Tantrikas of the left hand cover themselves in ashes, drink blood from human skulls and live on the cremation grounds. They don’t give couple courses at your local community center.

After studying some of the backgrounds of the path of the White Tigress, I would say sexual Taoism has a similar division, although their left hand is not fierce; their left hand version (The Way of The White Tigress) is even cleaner than the right hand! But to understand why right hand Taoism has become more mainstream, you must first know about Mantak Chia.

Mantak Chia is the number one authority on Taoist energy healing and has written multiple books how to contain your sexual energy. For men, this is through not ejaculating when you orgasm. For women it is through control of the menstruation. This is exactly the same theory as the “left hand” The White Tigress/ Jade Dragon theory.

The big difference between the Hsi Lai book, and the much more popular one from Mantak Chia, is that Chia uses penetration (read: regular sex between fixed couples) as something that is (when done well) healing for both.

This is diametrically opposite to the White Tigress theory from Hsi Lai. Because Hsi Lai strongly stresses vaginal penetration is straining to a woman’s body, aging, she doesn’t have access to the man’s energy this way, and it doesn’t do anything for her healing or her spiritual growth. It just weakens her. And this might explain why the White Tigress theory never made it big.

The main reason Mantak Chia’s Taoist sexual healing is mainstream (or right hand) is because it is the version that benefits males and couples. As a single woman, no kids, and I like my relationship with my lover simple and clear, Chia’s sexual healing is about as appealing as to me as drinking blood from human skulls on the cremation grounds of Tarapith.

But becoming a White Tigress is alluring…. She is not a woman trying to make the most out of regular love making or out of her relationship. A White Tigress is an independent, spiritual practitioner, with an impeccable self-care regime and she arranges playful sexual encounters, in order to have oral sex and restore her youthfulness.

These were all things that appealed to me. I wanted impeccable self-care. I craved for a spiritual practice. And the only thing I loved more than oral sex, was to be play-raped. And I don’t mean with just the tip.

It was one of the many things that could become a bit of a problem.

Tiger who?

The second question I got was: “What exactly are you going to do for a hundred days?”
I was on day four and I still had no idea. I had new to do lists, resolution lists, and so many hard-to-get products still on my shopping list, this would require an hour on my bicycle to get it all. I was drinking Don Quai tea; dried ginger-root like slices, which came in a bag that was all in Chinese. It was gross but then I accidentally clicked on a new article for hormonal balance where Don Quai, again, was literally hailed for being a hormone balancing Wunderkind. So I kept drinking it.

But other than that it was unclear what exactly I was doing. I read parts of The White Tigress, visited Toaist sites including the one from Hsi lai, watched videos of the Tao Garden from Mantak Chia. This only contributed to the chaos. Meanwhile my house seemed to be a mess all the time, even though I never went to bed without making it nice and doing the dishes. My body regime too, was erratic: I waxed my legs when my lover came over and I had a work-out from teaching yoga and commuting by bike. But here too, I desired order and consistency.

To create order and clarity I sat down to make a plan. What was it, that I wanted to achieve? I knew I didn’t want to end up being an immortal sex goddess with a domestic disability. But what was it then, that I hoped to find in the book of Hsi Lai?

Who was this White Tigress that I apparently, so desperately, wanted to be?

Spark Joy

I was able to find a YouTube video that illustrates who the White Tigress is. It is from an experimental theater company, that plays out a story they’ve heard from a real White Tigress.

That video will give you two things:
1. a scene where you see a White Tigress/ actress telling how she seduces men and how much she enjoys her work. This is a perfect representation of how I feel when I am with my lover. All sensual and loving. Worshiping. A White Tigress always plays to be submissive, presumably because this intensifies his orgasm, giving her more of his yang energy. But I m sure that, just like me, she enjoys being submissive. It intensifies her own pleasure. And it is the submissive who is in control.
2. the name of a real White Tigress on whose story the video is based. It’s in the opening credits and you can Google her. She has developed since then, and now includes other techniques too, but she appears to have been a White Tigress (trained by or through Hsi Lai) since 1989.

Contrary to a real White Tigress, who was on a fat free, beef free, dairy free diet that included two glasses of freshly squeezed orange juice, I had chosen a different diet. Based on some problems with my teeth and dental research of Weston A Price from beginning 20th century, and a book called Nourishing Traditions, I was on an animal fat rich diet to help my teeth. I was learning to make stock from fish carcasses and chicken bones. How to dismantle nuts to get the Phytic acid out. And I still had to find out to do the same thing with beans and grains. I ate an orange, to meet my White Tigress nutrition list although it should have been two glasses of juice, but it gave me such a violent tooth ache that I decided to take it really easy when it came to dietary guidelines of the White Tigress. My teeth would go first. And if that meant my menstruation would stay messy, then so be it.

Physically my teeth were a priority, and mentally my feeling of being in control, became a priority. This is the key element to the White Tigress theory. My vision of a White Tigress was a clean and clear life. My vision of the White Tigress is what would happen if Marie Kondo was a $1000 an hour escort, instead of a declutter guru.

Now I don’t know how much you know about Marie Kondo (or about prostitutes, but that’s not really relevant) but Kondo insists that anything you keep should Spark Joy. Her second book is named after it: Spark joy.

I based my default daily routine for the White Tigress on those elements:
Control. Joy. And fabulous teeth.
And anything I learn from the books, or any refinement in my practices, will have to meet at least one of those three criteria before I implement them or add them to the routine.

White Tigress Morning Ritual & Recepis

breakfast & Morning routine

from White Tigress book:
Don Quai tea (hot) (and gross)
magic tea (cold) (and made up by me) (delicious version of ice tea that tastes like white wine!)
big pot with ginger/lemon/ green tea, that I drink cold or with some hot water added throughout the day
from my fabulous teeth diet:
2 boiled eggs (always)
big apple baked in ghee= clarified butter. With cinnamon.
to make a large container of ghee: take 500 grams of butter, put it in a sauce pan and warm it at low fire. Remove foam. After 20 minutes the noisy boiling stops and you can pour it into a large pot through a sieve/ strainer.
or I ate with my eggs
Greek full-cream yoghurt with banana, cranberries, raisins and pumpkin seeds.
to make phytic acid free pumpkin seeds: place pumpkin seeds in a bowl with water and salt. Leave overnight. Sieve and rinse. Spread out and dry in an oven at 125 degrees celcius. Store in container.
food supplements breakfast: 1 pearl (gelatin) of cod liver oil, a hair/skin/nails supplement for women, and vitamin D. Will add Vitamin C since I rejected the orange juice.
I take 1 cod liver oil pearl with every meal, throughout the day.

after breakfast; do dishes/ laundry. Make coffee.

Still in pj’s!
write about, or study, White Tigress book for 1-2 hours with home made Lattes and a eat a piece of cheese if I m hungry

shower and do White Tigress practices

Shave pussy (that woke you up right?!)
The White Tigress is restoring her youth, and I can see why you don’t do that by looking like a 1984 nudist. Prescribed is every day, but I think that’s way overdoing it, but I leave that up to you.

Breast massage  video from senior instructor at Tao Garden (from Mantak Chia)
I have a short breast massage routine that works for me. I did a more extended one (because I was on this program) but it only makes my breasts painful. I respond poorly to massage in general, and have been known to take pain-killers because for the after-pain. So be cautious.

Groin massage.
The massage is more around the vagina – although take it away, if you get inspired 😉 – where the lymph nodes are. And a massage of the lower belly, where the uterus and ovaries are.
Since I do this massage I never get ingrown hairs again, so if you shave I highly recommend this. The White Tigress uses ginseng cream on her vagina, but I prefer to use oil to massage the whole area. Such as baby oil or Palmers Skin Therapy Oil.

White Tigress yoga
Here’s a schedule of the yoga poses I’ve derived from the book. And I ve included a list of the advanced yogic practices (which are not poses). I will be teaching these yoga poses in class (Nijmegen, Netherlands), starting March 7.

To be continued

This was my first post. The next one will be up at Wednesday March 9. I m keeping my goals simple: to stick to the morning routine and write this White Tigress blog or study the White Tigress book every morning. The practices above are based on what I know and remember from the book. I ve had it for 9 years, and read parts of it, multiple times. But there are a lot of things I haven’t explored yet.

And then there are things that I have explored, and that I can’t wait to do again.

And I don’t mean just the tip.





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