Preface: Why you should follow this blog

the-sexual-teachings-of-the-white-tigress-9780892818686_hrSweetheart; I ll be honest – This story will write itself as we go. And I advise you to read it as we go. Because this blog is temporary, and this journey will be used to create other material. What I m trying to say is that it won’t be free forever. Just now. Because any spiritual journey is a daunting trip to take and Taoism an impressive theory to master. In a 100 days I d say an impossible one. But I have physical stuff that I want to solve. Or accept, but not until I ve given it my all.

In my case my teeth have been painful the last months and my menstrual cycle is relapsing back to 2011, which was one bloody year. I have had physical health somewhere at the bottom of my list, because frankly up until recently, I could afford that. I ve created a diet to help my teeth, which seems to be working on days I stick to it. Which are few. The diet is comparable to what I remember to be in The White Tigress, so these eating habits for fabulous teeth will also be weaved into the program. Teeth and cycle are my priorities.

But The White Tigress is so much more; it is a complete self-care book for any broad minded woman. It’s almost a how-to manual for becoming an immortal courtisane (that’s French for escort). Enlightenment and immortality and being a sex goddess are all part of the benefits, but I will settle for “get teeth fixed, menstruation nailed and keep lover satisfied”. But if the The White Tigress by Hsi Lai brings me my 19 year old body and a male harem on day 100, hey! Stranger things have happened.

So, what’s this education about. What can you expect if you join me and sign up for this course:
– I ll give you a best practices overview from the book. Chapter by chapter, you ll learn as I learn.
– I ll share with you The White Tigress yoga poses, which can only be deciphered by a yoga teacher *raises hand*
– I ll teach you why men and women need totally different practices. And why what works for one, is totally aging and toxic for the other.
– I ll share my fabulous teeth recepis and how you can prepare certain foods like nuts and beans, in a way that they don’t harm your teeth.

Before you enter your best email address in the box on the right, there’s two things you need to know about me.

  1. my name is not LS Harteveld, but my most controversial, sexually explicit work is written as “her”. This is an LS Harteveld blog. Be warned.
  2. I am a yoga teacher but my vegetarian days are over (for multiple reasons) and I don’t advocate raw foods, green smoothies or moderation of any kind. True health is being able to afford a lifestyle few of us can. That I currently need to slow down doesn’t change my statement that eating healthy is a sign of desperate times.

Still there?
Then you made it.
Go type your best email into the box on the right and for a 100 days I ll give you everything I promised, everything I didn’t tell, and everything I didn’t know yet.
In 100 days I can be an immortal sexual goddess, or sick, desperate, and dumped by the only man I love.

Either way: that’s a story you don’t want to miss.


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